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Mold Testing, Inspection & RemovalMold Testing, Inspection & Removal

As you are aware, the restoration industry offers unique challenges and ever changing circumstances that must be dealt with accordingly. It takes years of experience to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to produce a high quality restoration firm to serve this high demand industry brings many years of the construction (since 1982) and mold remediation business (since 1998) that you would get from a larger corporation with a personal touch of a smaller company. We pride ourselves for our leadership, staff and experience which make us the company of choice in mold remediation, structural drying and water damage restoration.

What You Should Know About Molds

Mycotoxin's, which is a toxic substance produced by fungus and molds can cause serious health issues in humans and animals. Health effects range from short term irritations to immunosuppression to cancer and even death. If any toxic molds are identified it is suggested that you seek advice from an industrial hygienist, public health official,  or medical professional. Moisture Control Experts will assist you in referring a professional in this field if needed.

Pathogenic Molds can cause serious health issues in children, the elderly, and persons with suppressed immune systems, those taking chemotherapy or those with autoimmunity disorders. Seek professional help when these molds are present or if you suspect that they are.Mold

Most Frequent Health Symptoms from Mold Exposure
Mold Facts


Improper cleanup or removal of large areas of mold growth or mold damaged areas can cause airborne levels of spores to increase up to 10,000 times that of back ground levels resulting in acute exposure to those doing the cleanup. This is why personal protective equipment should be worn and areas that are mold damaged be professionally contained before cleanup so not to contaminate the rest of the building or home.

If you suspect a mold issue or problem, call us today for an inspection and mold consultation with a certified CMRC.

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